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/* ick.h -- compilation types for intercal parser */

/* AIS: Changes for DJGPP */
#ifdef __DJGPP__

#define ICKLIBDIR "."
#define ICKBINDIR "."
#define YYDEBUG 1

/* Comment this out if your version of lex automatically supplies yylineno. */

/* Comment this out if your version of lex doesn't use yyrestart(). */

#define YY_NO_UNPUT

typedef int bool;
#define TRUE      1
#define FALSE     0

#define ALLOC_CHUNK     256

 * We choose this value for maximum number of possible variables on
 * the theory that no human mind could grok a more complex INTERCAL
 * program than this and still retain any vestige of sanity.
#define MAXVARS         100

 * Maximum supported statement types; should be equal to (FROM - GETS + 1)
 * AIS: Changed this when I added new statements.
#define MAXTYPES  28

/* AIS: Maximum supported spark/ears nesting, divided by 32. The value given
   allows for 256 nested spark/ears groupings, which should be enough. */
#define SENESTMAX       8

enum onceagain {onceagain_NORMAL, onceagain_ONCE, onceagain_AGAIN}; /* AIS */

typedef struct node_t
    int                 opcode;           /* operator or type code */
    unsigned long constant;   /* constant data attached */
    unsigned long       optdata;        /* AIS: Temp used by the optimizer */
    int                 width;            /* is this 32-bit data? */
    struct node_t *lval, *rval;     /* attached expression nodes */
    struct node_t       *nextslat;      /* AIS: The next node with a slat */
} node;

typedef struct tuple_t
    unsigned int  label;            /* label # of this statement */
    unsigned int  ncomefrom;  /* AIS: How many noncomputed COME FROMS
                                 have this line as a suck-point */
    int           exechance;  /* chance of execution, initial abstain,
                                 (AIS) MAYBE details */
    bool                maybe;          /* AIS: Where MAYBE details go when
                                 exechance has been parsed */
    bool                abstainable;    /* AIS: Is it possible for this line to
                                 be abstained from? */
    bool                initabstain;    /* AIS: Is this line initially
                                 abstained from? */
    bool                nextable;       /* AIS: Can this line be a NEXT
                                 target? */
    bool                optversion;     /* AIS: Use an optimized version? (Only
                                 set if the optimizer thinks that
                                 it's safe.) */
    bool                warn112:1;      /* AIS: Should this line produce warning
                                 112 during degeneration? */
    bool warn128:1, warn534:1, warn018:1, warn016:1, warn276:1, warn239:1,
      warn622:1; /* AIS: As warn112. The warnings are a bitfield to save space. */
    unsigned int  type;       /* statement type */
    { /* AIS: Struct, not union needed because ABSTAIN expr FROM (line) has both */
      unsigned int      target;           /* for NEXT statements */
      node        *node;            /* attached expression node(s) */
    } u;
    unsigned int        nexttarget;     /* AIS: The target tuple of a NEXT must
                                 also be recorded for optimizef */
    int lineno;               /* source line for error messages */
    bool sharedline;                /* if NZ, two statements on a line */
    enum onceagain onceagainflag;       /* AIS: ONCE / AGAIN */
} tuple;

/* this maps the `external' name of a variable to an internal array index */
typedef struct
  int type;
  unsigned int extindex;
  unsigned int intindex;
  int ignorable; /* AIS: Can this variable be IGNOREd? */
  int memloc; /* AIS: Where does a PIC store this in memory? */

typedef struct
    int     value;
    char *name;

extern atom *oblist, *obdex;
extern int obcount, nonespots, ntwospots, ntails, nhybrids;
extern int nmeshes; /* AIS */

extern tuple *tuples;
extern int tuplecount;

extern tuple *optuple; /* AIS: The tuple currently being optimized */

extern char **enablers;
extern char *enablersm1[MAXTYPES+1];
extern assoc vartypes[];

/* the lexical analyzer keeps copies of the source logical lines */
extern char **textlines;
extern int textlinecount;
extern int yylineno;

/* AIS: These are needed to sort out a grammar near-ambiguity */
extern unsigned long sparkearsstack[SENESTMAX];
extern int sparkearslev;

/* compilation options */
extern bool compile_only;  /* just compile into C, don't run the linker */
extern bool nocompilerbug; /* set possibility of E774 to zero */
extern int traditional;    /* compile as INTERCAL-72 */
extern int yydebug;        /* print debugging information while parsing */

extern int politesse;

/* AIS: I added these */
extern int yukdebug;       /* debug the code with yuk */
extern int yukprofile;     /* profile the code with yuk */
extern int compucomecount; /* number of computed COME FROMs */
extern int compucomesused; /* are computed COME FROMs used? */
extern int nextfromsused;  /* is NEXT FROM used? */
extern int gerucomesused;  /* is COME FROM gerund used? */
extern int opoverused;     /* is operand overloading used? */
extern node* firstslat;    /* the first node with a slat */
extern node* prevslat;     /* the last node so far with a slat */
extern int multithread;    /* is the program multithreaded? */
extern int variableconstants; /* is any assignment allowed? */
extern int coreonerr;      /* dump core on E778? */
extern int optdebug;       /* debug the optimizer */
extern int flowoptimize;   /* optimize program flow */
extern int checkforbugs;   /* check for bugs */
extern int coopt;          /* constant-output optimizer */

/* ick.h ends here */

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